We Moved to Emma!

We couldn’t miss an opportunity to mark our biggest news of 2021!

We’re delighted to announce we have moved to this cute little space on Emma Avenue! After months of working hard behind the scenes with some incredible people (and years of prayer!), this dream is a reality!

We love that we get to remain a part of Downtown Springdale as the community continues to grow and flourish. Bride ‘N Groom has been a part of Springdale since the 1970s and we feel privileged to get to be a part of the past, present, and future of this great city.

Take a Peek Inside

We have posted a few pictures of the outside of our new location on our social media channels, but we are sharing the FIRST inside pictures here on our blog!

One of two dressing rooms in our new space!
We have dresses from size 0 to 28 in stock as well as bridesmaid dresses!
We can’t wait to work with you to find your dream dress & celebrate with you as our newest #BNGBride!
We are so excited to have large windows to decorate and show off our beautiful dresses!

Quick Peek Around

We love looking down Historic Emma Avenue and seeing The Apollo on Emma, one of the great new murals, and more! It’s a gorgeous view all day long.

All photos belong to Bride ‘N Groom

Check Us Out!

We would love for you to come by and check out our new space! We will be having a Grand Opening soon. Check our social media for this event and all the others we have planned.

Schedule an appointment to try on wedding dresses with your close friends and family: I Can’t Wait to Try on Dresses!

Please let us know in the comments if you’ve ever visited us before or if you’re a new friend. Share this post with local friends so they know we are in a great, new location. 💙

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