Galentine’s Day

I always wonder if Amy Poehler realized the giant that was being unleashed when she introduced Galentine’s Day to the world back in 2010. Since that airing Galentine’s Day has gifted us with a universal time to celebrate the love we have for our BFFs. It’s the one day that allows us to say to all other obligations “Oh sorry, I cant do the 13th that’s Galentine’s and the girls and I are gonna zoom ( Zoom? ) around that night.” Life can take over average weekend plans but an official day with a name is prioritized!

So what can you do with your besties on Galentine’s during a pandemic? Lots of things! Create your own unique experience or try one of the ideas below.

Have a Movie Party! Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) is a great way to have a socially distanced movie night with all your gal pals! Ready your favorite snacks, put your gals on zoom and settle in for a much needed girl night.

Choose a fun craft to explore! Purchase a premade DIY kit of a craft you’ve been dying to try and Facetime your progress with your best crafty sister. Compare your step-by-step and trade accomplishments as you experience them!

Petit Fours, Dipped Strawberries, French Macaroons, Cookies, and Hot Cocoa Bombs
by Shelby Lynn’s Cake Shoppe Springdale, Arkansas

Custom select goodies from your favorite local patisserie to create a unique gift for each of your ladies. If your local bakery offers delivery for Valentine’s weekend have them individually delivered for a fun surprise!

Pajamas are perfectly cozy gal pal gifts that you can purchase pretty much anywhere. Send your girls matching sets for your movie party or just as a warm reminder of your unique bond.

The Odd Soul
Black Apple Cidery
The 107 on Emma: Big Sexy Food
Springdale, Arkansas

Head out to your favorite socially distanced pub or restaurant and spend a couple hours looking into the actual eyes of your friends! Spend a minute sans masks to enjoy your favorite brew or wine and/or appetizer.

Featured Image from Bridal Shower 101.

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