Unique Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a uniquely personal way to thank your guests for their attendance that goes one step beyond that of the traditional reception party. We found some unique momentos that we would absolutely remember to take home with us at the end of the night.

The gifting of special items to attendees dates back to the early Romans who gave honey-coated almonds to their guests. By the 15th century, confectioners were coating almonds in sugar or candy. These Italian candy covered creations became known as confetti. The natural bitterness of the almond, sweetened by their coatings, were said to symbolize both the good times and the hard times of married life.

HaroulasHappenings on Etsy

If nut allergies are a concern, have no fear!  There are many types of favors you can gift to your guests.


Everyone loves playing with the pulp board paper coasters at restaurants, and more than a few of us have taken them home on occasion, so why not add a little fun to your own tables!  Personalized coasters can be a great way for everyone to remember your day, after the day.

NapkinNiche on Etsy

Hand Sanitizer

‘Tis strange times we be living in and hence, the one thing we guarantee your guests will love is hand sanitizer. For you do-it-yourselfers this one is very DIY-able with multiple 2-3oz empty bottle options available on Amazon. Fill with your choice of name brand sanitizer and self-design some great printed labels!



Here’s one you may not have seen before. Peel and Stick Calendars! Create your own calendar wedding favors so your guests will remember you all year long. Often your local printing service will have a means of creating or ordering these for you so it’s a great way to support your community businesses!


Paper Parasols

If you are planning a small outdoor or beachside wedding during the summer months your guests might enjoy a quaint paper parasol to shield them from the warm rays of the sun. Instant shade and just plain fun!

Make a Charitable Donation

If you and your betrothed are not into tchotchkes, make a donation to your favorite charity, nonprofit or medical research group to commemorate the time your friends and family celebrated your happiest day with you!

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