The Minimony

Mini ceremonies have become a social distancing powerhouse for the 2020 Bride. These intimate weddings include an officiant, the engaged couple, and 10–15 guests and take relatively little time to plan. Minimonies are a great option for those couples with immunocompromised or elderly family members or for those states and towns with necessarily strict social number guidelines.

Couples across the world have had to postpone their formal weddings due to Covid-19 but that’s no reason you shouldn’t go ahead and have your mini moment now and plan a big inclusive wedding next year. What better way to celebrate your first anniversary!

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Can I hear you say TWO dresses!?! 

If you haven’t found your perfect dress yet, that’s ok. Your minimony can be anything you want so if you haven’t found your you-nique gown yet, try choosing a chic cocktail or short dress.  Wear it again as your going away dress after your wedding reception. This gives you more shopping time to find that perfect designer wedding dress to wow your guests at your sequel wedding next year!

Left dress available at Bride N Groom in size 12.
Right dress available at Bride N Groom in size 8

After Party

Having a small wedding doesn’t mean your marriage celebration has to be small.  Plan a dinner under the stars with steak and champagne for all, have an old fashioned family BBQ or call your favorite restaurant and see if they have a secluded party room where your party can social distance.

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The most important thing is that you have started your lives together regardless of a pandemic, and as you look back at those photos where everyone is masked you will have a wonderful story to tell!

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